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Going to a Functional Medicine Practitioner is a new experience for many of you. Maybe you’ve heard about it through a friend, or you’ve done some research online. Perhaps, you’re simply fed up with being unhealthy and/or living in pain, and know that it's time to do something about it. Whatever the case, your first visit to our office will be an enlightening experience in healthcare - as a partner in your wellness - discussing your history, current condition and goals. 

Your first visit will begin with a consultation so Dr. Quam can learn about the individual challenges you are experiencing. By spending quality time listening to your history and assessing the lifestyle, environmental, and genetic factors that have shaped your health, Dr. Quam can perform precisely the right tests to identify and treat the root of your problem, with a perfectly tailored plan of action.

Turn to Advanced Functional Medicine, where it’s all about you. 

Your story. Your lifestyle. Your health.